Inheritance issues: probate lawyer and detective in Vienna for private customers

Privatdetektiv für erbschaftsangelegenheiten You may need the help of a probate lawyer or detective in Vienna if you are dealing with inheritance issues. A private detective can help you to solve the problems if relative or other person who have the right to inherit is missing. You can also use our detective services if you have a suspicion that someone has used the right to inherit in the past to enrich themselves unilaterally.

The Austrian law distinguishes between inheritance on the basis of a will and inheritance contract, as well as inheritance without will can be legally regulated. In the absence of wills and probate, all property and estate goes to the heirs. If there are no relatives the property is transferred to the Republic of Austria. Heirs don't always know that the testator had passed away, and they were included in the will.

When people easily change their residence country, mobile phones and stop communicating with relatives, only best private investigators can help you to deal with the complicated matter. We carry out a worldwide search to find missing heirs and beneficiaries, we'll help you to understand property relations and prepare the documents on inheritance claim or inheritance theft.

If the heirs don't know about the existence of the wills and probate (unexpected inheritance), and do not enter into their inheritance rights within the time allotted by the law, the rights are not considered to be lost. Our detective in Vienna will help you to solve this problem. Heirs have the right to accept the inheritance many years after. If the heir doesn't know about the death of the testator or his inheritance rights and has unexpected inheritance, he can restore the missed time through the court from the moment he had received this information.


Inheritance issues and Austrian law | Detective Vienna


Austrian law provides an obligatory part of inheritance for the heirs, which they can demand, if nothing is left to them by the testament. The obligatory inheritance by the law is ½ of the hereditary estate. Starting from January 1, 2017, obligatory inheritance rights are assigned to children, wife or husband, as well as a registered partner of the deceased. The hereditary estate that the testator had given to the heirs during his lifetime can also be counted in the obligatory inheritance. The testator has the right to reduce the required hereditary estate of the heir by half in some cases. For example, if there was abnormal family relationship between the parent and the child within 10 years and there was no contact.

A spouse can claim the pension of a deceased person if testator had the right to receive it. The Austrian law also seeks to prevent a situation when the testator distributes everything before his death and won't leave estate to the legal heirs. If both spouses owned real estate, for example, a house or an apartment, then according to the Austrian law it'll pass directly to the second person.

The inheritance right includes both legal and tax aspects. It's advisable to consult with probate lawyers beforehand and make a will. Hire a detective in Vienna or probate lawyer to start your inheritance investigation and manage your inheritance issues. Our private detectives can find missing heirs and beneficiaries all over the world. We can also help you to prepare documents required for inheritance.