Tracing and finding a missing person — detective services in Vienna, Baden, Salzburg, Graz

Detektiv für Wien — personensuche According to the current statistics, at present about 150-200 children and young people are considered to be gone missing. The tracing and finding missing or absconding people is one of our core activity areas. In order to speed up the clarification of the missing people's fate, our detectives cooperate with informers, secret services, authorities and detective agencies all over the world. Our searching activity is not limited to minors, but also includes debtors or fraudsters, who can be traced thanks to detective work.

Our detective agency also offers help in dealing with threat calls, stalking, bullying and extortion. You can inquire about the action that can be taken in your situation, without undertaking any obligations! Every service of our detective office is aimed at documenting all the processes, according to the court requirements. In this regard, we keep comprehensive written records. These are complemented by photo material and, if possible, by documents or evidentiary materials, which we compile or procure during the order execution.

Tracing a missing person is a key area of ​​the detective's investigations and services in Vienna. Insight investigations are necessary for the successful provision of investigative services. Looking for someone who wants to remain hidden from you (deliberately disappeared scammers, debtors, ex-partners) is difficult and sometimes risky. The ex-husband can be found through mutual acquaintances, so our detective agency in this case will help to collect the debt or alimony after tracing an ex-partner, but in other cases the client does not have exhaustive information. This is due to the fact that scammers are represented by other names, provide forged documents and lie.

Tracing a missing person, searching for family connections or locating witnesses on your own is very difficult. You may have many incorrect data that will interfere with the search. But there are always clues, thanks to which you can successfully find a person. It can be the phone number, cars, address, work and rest places, social circle, traffic route. These data are used by the detective agency for insight investigations in Austria and other countries. Our clients often give important information for tracing missing persons, but they realize the importance only after communicating with a detective in Vienna. The private detective sets the personal data and the actual location to find a person, and this requires experience of investigations, the ability to think outside the box and access to classified information.


Tracing missing persons investigations in Austria


If you are searching for family connections and trying to find a long-lost relative it can feel like relentless task. Searching for a missing person is sometimes necessary in case of disappearance of a child, a wife, a husband, parents and friends. Unfortunately, no one is immune from this. The police are not always successful at this. Policemen are loaded with work, and they need a lot of time for tracing a missing person, but every minute counts. So if you are searching for a missing person in Austria it is necessary to hire a private investigator in Vienna. Experienced and licensed professional detectives will assess the situation and report what can be done in this situation.

The detective in Baden near Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Vienna will help to find the missing person in the shortest possible time. Our detective agency in Vienna will do the insight investigations, find the missing relatives, search for assets and absconded debtors. Our private detectives are highly experienced in tracing missing people. We have the best track record of finding persons where other private investigators have failed. The private detectives in our investigation agency work qualitatively and operatively, the cost is negotiated with each client individually and depends on the complexity of the case. To hire a detective in Vienna, call us or fill out the feedback form.