Adultery and matrimonial fidelity: hire a detective in Vienna

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Despite no longer being a criminal offense, adultery is still considered to be a serious violation of matrimonial duties, according to §49 of the marriage law, and is interpreted as getting involved into non tolerated by the society extramarital relations. Being an experienced detective agency, we collect and record the evidence of adulterous behavior, if there are reasons to suspect your partner's infidelity and provide help with paternity tests as well. Let us give you advice without any obligations and absolutely discreetly during an initial discussion!

Our detectives in Vienna are engaged in matters of matrimonial fidelity. Everyone wants to be confident in his or her friends, children, business partners and especially in their second half. The actual feelings between the spouses become less violent than in the courtship period over time. This negatively affects the spouses, scandals, disputes and, as a result, adultery begin to destroy their lives. Adultery impair moral injury and material damage. But sometimes it's only suspicion.

When it comes to the future of your family, you need to use the detective services and experienced specialist — a private detective. If you want to check cheating spouse with a guarantee of absolute confidentiality, the services of a private detective in Vienna are an opportunity to obtain reliable information. Private investigator Richard Wallner will professionally organize marital infidelity detection and will help you absolutely confidential. Adultery surveillance requires an individual approach, so we coordinate with our clients the methods of investigation.


Adultery surveillance and tests — hire a private investigator in Vienna


We can convict of adultery, confirm or deny the fact of marital infidelity through the surveillance of a person, photos and video evidence, monitoring telephone calls and personal e-mails. Infidelity verification and adultery surveillance can be a good start to an honest relationship and strong marriage. You will be able to make plans for the future if you have verified information.

You can also offer your cheating wife or husband to pass a lie detector test. You can exclude using photo and video surveillance on a person in the case of consent. It is almost impossible to trick the lie detector. Detective in Vienna will check the testimony of both spouses on the polygraph tests if the client wants to conduct a check on the basis of voluntary consent of the spouses. All information received during the testing process is strictly confidential and is not subject to disclosure.

Another popular betrayal checking service of our detective agency in Austria is the infidelity test. Checking the husband or wife for matrimonial fidelity makes it possible to identify the predisposition to cheat. The check will be done according to the scenario. A specially trained person of pleasant appearance gets acquainted and tries to seduce your spouse.

Hire a detective in Vienna and you'll only need to dispose of the facts that we'll provide to you. Call us if you suspect infidelity signs. The cost of a private investigator betrayal checking varies depending on the complexity of the task, as well as the methods used in the work of a private detective. Our detective agency in Austria is specialized in checking the facts of adultery. We'll listen and consult you, maybe you'll have enough of a simple conversation with our specialist to solve your issue. Make a decision that will not further hurt you.