Parental rights and guardianship — hire a detective in Vienna

Vormundschaft detektiv für Wien Specially trained detectives in Vienna collect information and evidence that help us to fix the conditions of child upbringing. The result of this work can be a guardianship trial that takes into account the evidence we collected about the conditions of the child's upbringing and current placement. The purpose of a private detective's and lawyer's work is to help you and facilitate the juvenile court to decide on the termination or transfer of parental rights, based on the interests of the child.

The most powerful document that governs divorce and protects children is the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. It was adopted in The Hague on October 25, 1980 and entered into force in 1983. The Convention fixes such a legal concept as «ordinary residence» and «habitual residence». In case of abduction of the child, the «habitual residence» remains the one from which the child was illegally transferred.

Moving a child abroad away from non-resident parent is illegal if it happened against the desire of the second parent. The state of «habitual residence» will solve with whom and where the child will live. There is also an international notion of «parental custody rights». This means that one parent (guardian) has more rights and responsibilities. There is also a joint parental care when both parents are responsible for the child. The residence in this case is still determined with one of the parents.


Help of a private detective in Vienna in the guardianship trial


Deprivation of parental rights in Austria is an extreme measure, because it's almost always enough to limit parental rights. Restriction of parental rights is a temporary limit caused by the fact bad parenting. Parents are deprived of parental rights to upbringing of the child, rights to benefits and state allowance. Detective in Vienna will help you to prove or disprove the fact of violence or committing other illegal actions against the child.

Restriction of parental rights is possible only if there is guilty behavior. The main criterion for the restriction or deprivation of parental rights is bad parenting, violent parent or parent that is unable to protect the child from the violence that can damage the life, health and moral development of the child.

Restricted of parental rights person retains the right to contact the child if these contacts don't have a harmful effect on the child. Contacts are conducted with the permission of the guardianship authority or with the consent of the guardian, the foster parents or the Orphanag.

A detective in Vienna can help you if:

  • You need to provide information about another parent;
  • You want to eliminate the possibility of kidnapping a child;
  • You need to prove that the child is treated poorly or mistreated;
  • It's necessary to prove the fact of slander in court;
  • The documents of the second parent are falsified;
  • The judge's decisions are not executed.

We provide detective and legal services in Vienna it two ways: pre-trial assistance and assistance in appealing a court decision. Private detective will collect all information about you and your spouse. The information will be confirmed by the documents, photos and videos. Experienced lawyers will help you to present the available materials to the court and, if necessary, can protect you in court. Our private detectives and lawyers are operating strictly within the limits of the legislation. To hire a detective in Vienna, call us or leave a message form.