Spousal maintenance and alimony

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According to Austrian law the right to request maintenance is lost in case a dependent is living in common-law marriage with a new partner. Before you pay any unnecessary additional payouts - obtain information in our detective agency!

Detective services in Vienna can help you to find a person who runs away from paying alimony. Our lawyers can also help you to get the right to file an application with the court to collect child support and spousal maintenance on your own in an accelerated manner. The court will assign a minimum amount that does not depend on the size of husband's salary. It's just a minimum compensation set by the Austrian law, so that the wife and child won't stay without money for a long time, because the litigation can drag on for months.

According to the Austrian legislation, the spouse is obliged to pay maintenance to another spouse who is in charge of the household and cares for the child. Child support is also paid. Women who find themselves in a difficult situation are entitled to state benefits — Familienbeihilfe and Kindergeld, if the child lives with the mother and she takes care of him. It does not matter if a woman is an Austrian citizen or not, Austrian legislation applies to her. If you are looking for your ex-husband or want to know his real income, our lawyer, private investigator or detective in Vienna can organize missing person search and surveillance of a person.


Hire a detective in Vienna if your ex-husband shy away from paying alimony


If the ex-husband lost his job, this is not the reason for non-payment of alimony. His income is considered to be unemployment benefits instead of wages and alimony is calculated from the amount of the allowance. If the allowance is very small, then alimony payments and spousal maintenance will be very limited. But in this case, the law comes into force, according to which the citizen is obliged to do everything possible to support the family. The father doesn't have the right to shy away from paying alimony. The court also checks the efficiency of the former husband.

If the ex-husband refuses to pay alimony and maintenance even after the court decision, then the executive courts will help you. According to issued decree the debtor must pay unpaid debt for the entire time. Wages, movable and immovable property may be confiscated in a judicial procedure. Our private investigators, lawyers and detectives in Vienna will help you to resolve a complex situation absolutely confidentially. Hire a private detective to solve your problems quickly.