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All our detectives in Vienna and other cities are the best specialists in the field of information gathering, surveillance of a person and private investigation. Richard Wallner's detective agency in Austria consists of highly skilled licensed private detectives, uniting former operatives and experienced lawyers. The basis of our detective services are loyalty and confidentiality. After receiving an order we start with the definition of tactical techniques and methods aimed to achieve your requirements. After the completion of your project we'll present a report on the work and explanations of the results. High-level professionalism enable each our detective in Vienna to objectively assess the situation and provide assistance all over the world. Each our private investigator signs the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality of information provided by the customer and received in the process of our work. So we guarantee absolute confidentiality and protection of your personal information.

All our detectives are experts in such fields as elicitation, investigation, inquiries and surveillance. At the center of all our actions there is always confidentiality, loyalty and professionalism as the basis of our detective activities. After completing every particular case, we provide a report on our achievements and results, which were the objectives of your task. The absolute transparency of costs assessment is the matter-of-course.


Principles of detective in Vienna — Richard Wallner's detective bureau

MJur Richard Wallner works as lawyer and private detective in Vienna for many years. Our customers appreciate his honesty, openness, professionalism and efficiency. We have access to rare information and uncommon communications, a staff of private investigators in other countries. Confidentiality is an important factor in the work of a private detective too. The condition of maintaining confidentiality is a necessity for the customer and ensures your safety. Therefore, it's necessary to hire a detective in Vienna carefully. Remember that vigilance will save you from many problems.

In Austria, a reimbursement of the detective fees by the wrongdoer is possible to the full extent in certain sub judice cases (for example, in divorce proceedings). You can find a complete list of our service fields on the right navigation bar.


We use the following principles in our work

  • Legality. We don't make mistakes, we strictly follow the norms of legislation.
  • Confidentiality. We ensure complete privacy and anonymity.
  • Efficiency. We understand that it's important to do our job quickly.
  • Reliability. We guarantee the accuracy of information and working with proven sources.
  • Professionalism. All investigators of our agency in Austria are licensed private detectives and have extensive experience.

We adhere to these principles to make our cooperation comfortable and to help you cope with personal problems. If you want to hire a detective in Vienna or a specialist in private investigation, criminology, experts in outdoor or hidden surveillance of a person, then our detective agency is exactly what you need.

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