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As economic detectives in Vienna, we deal with economic investigations, company espionage, unfair competition and business reputation damage, as well as tenancy law, field service inspections and employee surveys. The basis of our detective services is always caution, loyalty and professionalism in all our actions. After each phase of our work, we'll present you a report on our achievements and results. We also ensure absolute transparency in the fee structure. For a complete overview of all our detective services in Vienna, throughout Austria and internationally please refer to the right navigation bar.

As detective agency for business clients, we deal with business-related investigations, industrial intelligence, unfair competition and reputational damage, as well as with tenancy inquiries, field work monitoring or employee surveillance. At the center of all our actions there is always confidentiality, loyalty and professionalism as the basis of our detective activities. After completing every particular case, we provide a report on our achievements and results, which were the objectives of your task. The absolute transparency of costs assessment is the matter-of-course. You can find a complete list of our service fields on the right navigation bar.

Richard Wallner's detective agency in Vienna, Baden, Salzburg and Graz can offer a set of services that will ensure the economic security of your business and help to identify and prevent information leakage. There are two main types of sources of information leakage: technical (wiretapping, spy bugs, computer espionage and others) and human (hiring employees from competitors, procurement of competitor's confidential information). Today, many business leaders hire detective services to use surveillance, company espionage and checking employees on a polygraph. After analyzing the gathered information, your competitors can gain a greater advantage than you currently have.

Ensuring business security — detective Vienna

The economic detective in Vienna will reveal the facts of information leakage and economic intelligence regarding your business. The best licensed private detective will determine whether there are listening devices and spy bugs in the office or at employee's home and whether the employees violate the Non-disclosure agreement. If information leakage problems are identified, our lawyer, private investigator, and economic detective will eliminate them and ensure the security of your business. Our detective agency has a wealth of experience and offers business security:

  • Address and employee surveys;
  • Detective control of field work;
  • Search for leased property and rental rights;
  • Protection from spy bugs, wiretapping, and computer espionage;
  • Verification of staff, checking employees on a polygraph;
  • Personal safety;
  • Economic investigations;
  • Company infiltration;
  • Slander and business reputation damage;
  • Unfair competition, patent law.

We adhere the principles of legality, confidentiality, efficiency, reliability and professionalism to make our cooperation comfortable for you. If you want to hire a lawyer, private investigator or economic detective in Vienna, call us or leave a request in the form on the website. Our detective agency is exactly what you need.

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