Detective Vienna — Standard Form Contract

The detective agency undertakes to carry out the order with due diligence to the best of its knowledge and abilities. The risk is borne by the client. The client is obligated to indemnify the detective all disadvantages arising from the execution of the order, in particular, any civil rights claims. The results and methods of the detective services can neither be anticipated nor guaranteed.

The client should not disclosure the identity of the detectives, except the designation of the witnesses in the court.

In the case of using Mobile Vehicle Surveillance System, our detective agency can use two detectives to promote a positive result. The client agrees to fully pay administrative penalties and offenses, resulting from the execution of the order.

The detailed reports shall be made in writing or orally, and shall be treated with strict confidentiality. Our detective agency assumes no liability with regard to the use of reports and results by the order party. Cell phone reports are not binding.

Charges and expenses

The client agrees to pay the charges and expenses of the detective in Vienna or other cities caused by the order. The client is obligated to cover the incurring costs by means of regular payments. If the claim of the detective agency is not paid in full up to the definite date, the client should be able to sign for acknowledgment of the fee and cost claims. The client undertakes to reimburse all expenses and charges resulting from the collection of the claim, including pre-litigation costs, in particular, the work of legal adviser.

The client understands court appointments as task-causal and therefore time-dependent consumption that should be paid. The claim arises with the actual time expenditure.

The placing of the order by the client does not constitute to be the Employment contract. Any deviations or modification of the present terms and conditions can only be valid if they have been agreed in writing, as well as termination of the order is possible. The client acknowledges that a legal representation of the detective (Vienna, Graz, Baden, Salzburg) in all matters, in particular, the conclusion of agreements and the acceptance of the client's statements can only be carried out by the management.

The client is prepared to recognize the present Standard Form Contract as a basis for the additional oral and written assignments.

We exclude the possibility of the offenses made with a demand of the client.

In the case of default and authorized deferrals, remuneration shall be charged.

The client agrees to refund the costs incurred by the detective agency, in particular, collection issues and 12% remuneration on arrears.

The Place of Performance of the claims from the contract, as well as the agreed court of jurisdiction, is Vienna.