Richard Wallner's Detective Agency in Vienna: our work

There are 10 specialists in our detective agency in Vienna: private detectives, lawyers and professionals from related fields. We work with the most modern tracking devices, and our priority is to obtain the most reliable information, high efficiency and protection.

The CEO is a lawyer and detective in Vienna Richard Wallner

  • Studied law in Graz and Vienna (Austria);
  • Has a long practice experience as a lawyer in the District and Regional courts;
  • Has many years of experience as a professional detective at home and abroad.

Strategy and philosophy of the detective bureau in Vienna

First and foremost, we try to satisfy the customer requirements and ensure successful order fulfillment.

  • Our customers receive the best advices from the detective bureau in Vienna. The initial consultation is always free.
  • Our customers problems are our problems. We guarantee a professional approach and ensure protection of your interests.
  • We offer the list of the most competent partners who will work with you personally.
  • We offer a wide range of detective services in Austria, combining efforts with our partner organizations and experts in various areas — lawyers, investigators, bodyguards, psychologists, engineers, etc.
  • Our detectives in Vienna work around the clock, we execute orders quickly and efficiently.
  • We will work with NGOs, strict observance of confidentiality is of utmost importance for our detective bureau in Vienna.
  • We always use the most advanced technologies to fulfill orders.
  • Our detective agency guarantees absolute transparency and accountability.

Detective services in Vienna

Well-known private customers and people from the business community have already trusted us.

We work with all areas of detective services for private clients and organizations. Our detectives in Vienna deal with adultery, inheritance, tracing missing persons, business investigations, competition law and much more.

Many years of experience, a highly qualified team and proven technologies are our main capital, that guarantees satisfaction to our current and potential clients.

We invite you to join us for a free initial consultation, where we will determine all the important facts and ways to solve your problem. Together with you we will discuss the procedure, terms of work performance and cost of detective services. After the completion of the work, we will provide you detailed chronological reports.