Address and employee surveys

Detektiv für Wien — arbeitnehmerermittlungen Databases, special investigations, cooperation with secret services, cooperation with informants and other private detectives in Austria, Germany and abroad, allow us to achieve outstanding results in the area of address and employee surveys. If you want your business to be safe and dependable, please do not hesitate to contact our detective in Vienna.


Detective agency for address and employee services


MJur Richard Wallner works as a detective (Vienna) for many years. Our detective agency has an access to rare information in Austria and other countries. The most important factors in our work are confidentiality and safety. We also adhere the principles of legality, confidentiality, efficiency, reliability and professionalism to make our cooperation comfortable for our business customers. If you want to hire a detective (Vienna, Baden, Graz, Salzburg) for address and employee services, call us or leave a request in the form on the website. We are sure that our detective agency is exactly what you need.